About Jenks Masonic Lodge

Jenks Masonic Lodge Pawtucket RIWelcome to the Jenks Lodge, please take some time and look around and make yourself at home. Here you will find information about Masonic events in RI, information about Jenks Lodge, as well as Freemasonry. If you are not a Freemason yet, you may be asking yourself - What is a Mason?

The Masonic Fraternity is the oldest Fraternity in the world. The Masonic Family includes Masons as well as organizations for their ladies, couples, and youth.

The Masonic Family provides more than $2 million a day to charitable activities such as hospitals, youth scholarship, and those less fortunate than we.

Masons are looking for men who wish to become better men, who are interested in giving back to their community and in self improvement. If you are interested in joining this great faturnity, please click on the "Join Now" tab at the top of this page.