Masters Message February 2017

Master’s Message

Hello Brothers!

One month in and it has felt like a world wind of things has been accomplished. I vastly under estimated how much time I would be putting into the lodge as master and I very much appreciate my wife and family's support and understanding. In January alone I have talked with many brothers of the lodge by phone, in person and by email trying to address issues and concerns. I have asked more of the officers, Past Masters and brothers in the first month then any Master should. They have done everything I have asked of them and more. It's like we took a page right out of the New England Patri- ots play book with everyone just trying to Do Their Job and be the best they can for the team. We visited Redwood lodge on the 21st for RW Kaufman DDGM visitation to his mother lodge and Jenks was strongly represented with a total of 13 officers. It was a fantastic night honoring a worthy brother for his dedication to the craft. Then on the 21st myself, W. Tom Holton, Bro. Bob Frank and Bro. Anthony M. Amaral made the trip to Nashua NH to see W. Ryan Flynn installed as Master. We bumped into our brothers from Ezekiel Bates Lodge of Attleboro MA and together with them and the brothers of Ancient York Lodge #89 we had a fantastic night. I cannot stress enough the kind of brotherhood you get if you take the time to travel in this great or- ganization. Where else would you not only have people you just met purchase numerous tickets at $75 each for our 150th to support the lodge, but also hang out with us till about 2am, then offer up their homes to us if we didn't want to make the drive home, and then ask us to notify them that we did indeed arrive home safely. Rest assured that brotherly love and affection is alive and well in New Hampshire and I look forward to traveling more as the year progresses.

This months meeting we honored all our past masters but more especially our most Junior Past Master Anthony Pirri who was awarded his past mas- ters apron and Jewel. We also honored one of our best Past Masters Dave Goldberg who was given the recognition he deserved for keeping the lodge alive and well during one of Jenks lodges toughest times in recent history. The fact is this lodge wouldn't be as strong as it is today without the dedica- tion of its past masters. I think I speak for all the brethren when I say I am eternally grateful to those that put in the time and dedication necessary to make this lodge what it is today.

We have a lot going on in February. On the 2nd we have the GM visitation to his mother lodge Mt Vernon. Brother Kevin Jackson will be having a Su- per Bowl party at our lodge on Feb 5th, for more info contact Bro. Jackson at 401-369-3127. On the 10th we will be visiting Mt. Moriah as they receive their district deputy. On the 11th Massasoit-Narragansett & Noquochoke Lodges of MA are putting together a wonderful casual Valentines Event, for more info or to make a reservation please contact W. Victor Dias at 401-413-2972. On the 20th we will run the EA degree on our newest candidates please note we moved our meeting date to FEB 20th for this purpose. On the 27th will be our annual Scotch and Cigar night. It will be at a new location, Boulevard Cigars, 609 Armistice BLVD, at 7pm. Unfortunately costs this year have increased to $35 per person but it is still an amazing deal! $35 still gets you two drinks, one cigar, and dinner buffet cooked in house. We will have raffles, and a speaker on either scotch or cigars. Reser- vations for the event can be made by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I hope that you will join us at these great events.

Lastly I would like to express my sincere condolences to Bro. Chandler Quintin over the loss of his uncle and to Paul Kettelle whose wife's grandfather also has passed. I also ask the brethren to keep W. Brian Pickhover in your thoughts and prayers. Brothers, if you need anything please let us know.

Stephan Saraidarian