Masters Message March 2017

Master’s Message

Hello Brothers,

Let me start by welcoming our two newest members to the Craft, Mitchell Thomas and Rick Wilmott. These two brothers I have no doubt will make excellent masons. I also want to take a moment to congratulate and thank our officers who put on a fantastic Entered Apprentice degree. You brothers are the future of our lodge and I can confidently say our lodge is in good hands.

I was very excited to see brothers who have been busy with other areas of life returning to visit the lodge and to hear that they are getting their copy of the Trestle Board in a more timely manner. I hope more brothers will find the time to make it out to lodge. You can reserve dinner through our website or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (this is the new email please save for future use). I know we are all very busy but you are not forgotten and we would still love to share in the pleasure of your company. If you have any questions, or problems please contact myself or any of the officers.

This month we had one of our most dedicated members of Jenks Lodge, RW:. Lt. Cmd. Brian Pickhover Secretary Emeritus and President Emeritus of the Lawton Home, pass on to that Celestial Lodge above. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in this difficult time of grief. Ernest Hemingway wrote Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”. I think any who knew RW:. Brian can agree that he lived his life in a distin- guished manner that showed respect and dedication to the laws and usages of the Craft. Even while going through chemo he continued to make trips to the lodge and come to the various committee meetings till he was no longer physically able. Brian was an outstanding man and mason. His service as Secretary of the Lodge for almost 30yrs was a driving factor in Jenks Lodge suc- cess. His service as President of the Lawton Home was invaluable in keeping the Lawton Home running. He will be deeply missed and fondly remembered by the members of the Craft.

Congratulations to W:. Anthony EnzoPirri and his wife Daniela on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Julianna Niccola Pirri!! We are happy to hear that mama and baby are doing well and look forward to the day that Julianna can meet all her Masonic Uncles! God bless you all and the many wonderful moments you will share with each other.

In March we have our 150th anniversary of Jenks being legally constituted. We are unfortunately all sold out of tickets to the event. I am in the process of trying to get dispensation to hold a brief masonic meeting at Slater Mill before the event. This meet- ing will not require tickets so that all members may take a moment to reflect on this momentous occasion. Brother Secretary will send proper notice if such dispensation is granted.

Fourteen years ago the Station Nightclub Fire took the lives of so many people. We mourn for their loss and hope their families have found some measure of peace. Life can be difficult or pleasant and sometimes both. It ebbs and flows like the tide of the Atlantic. Tragedy can strike at any moment but so can great moments of happiness. Do not fear the inevitable end that comes to us all my brothers. Instead see the thought of death as a gentle reminder from the Grand Architect of the Universe that our time here is fleeting and we should endeavor to cherish every moment. We should put aside our petty squabbles, and remember we are all of one community. Be sure to appreciate those in your life. We should strive to always remember that time we stood in the northeast corner, the oaths we all swore and those tenets of Faith, Hope, & Charity we were all given on that night. May the blessings of heaven rest upon you and may your Charity be as extensive as the universe.

WM:. Stephan Saraidarian