Masters Message April 2017

Hello Brothers,

This past Saturday was our 150th anniversary event at Slater Mill. It was a fantastic evening of brotherhood, dancing, drinking and just a great celebration of Jenks Lodge. Unfortunately we do not have enough room to write all the wonderful things that tran- spired that evening. However, W:. Pirri acted as secretary for the special and the event so once that report is completed we will be sure to post it on social media, our website, email and perhaps even mail it out as well. Thank you again to the committee members W:. Holton, W:. Pirri, Bro SW Rainone, Bro Neal Rapp, and Bro Jackson. If I had to plan this myself it would have been a disaster, sincerest Thanks to you my Brothers.

We followed our 150th with an official visitation from our DDGM Gary S. Kaufman. The brethren, by way of raffle, helped me raise a substantial amount of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Thank you brethren for your generosity to this worthy cause. Our speaker for the evening was W:. Chris Busby of Ancient York Lodge #89 in Nashua, NH. He gave an excellent presentation that was so well received it will be reprinted in the Freemason so please keep an eye out for it. We unveiled our gift from Ancient York Lodge that was given to us at the 150th along with some long overdue plaques of our Shammas Medal and Kay award recip- ients. You can view them in the foyer outside the lodge room. My personal favorite part of the evening was being able to give just due to Bro. Neal Rapp by awarding him the Shammas Medal for all of his labors for Jenks Lodge, the Lawton Home and the com- munity. If you see Bro Rapp out and about please be sure to congratulate him on earning this well deserved honor. Thank you to the many brothers that joined us for the evening. As a father of three young children I know life happens so I am always happy to see so many brothers take the time out of their busy lives to join us at lodge. I understand your time is precious so I do my best to make it an enjoyable experience. I hope you will join us again soon.

This month we should have another wonderful evening of brotherhood and reflection. Our speaker for the evening will be Bro. Shai Afsai.who is a member of Redwood Lodge No. 35, and a charter member and fellow of Collegium Luminosum. His articles have appeared in publications such as Heredom: The Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society, Philalethes: The Jour- nal of Masonic Research & Letters, The Journal of the Masonic Society, Journal of the American Revolution, Rhode Island Histo- ry, and Anthropology Today. He will be doing a presentation titled Rhode Island Freemasonry and Religious Accommodation. Due to the nature of the material being discussed this presentation will only be open to Master Masons.

I have a few happy tidings to share from the quarry. Congratulations to W:. Dave Goldberg on the birth of his granddaughter, to Bro Paul Kettelle and his wife Lori who have had an offer accepted on a home they wanted, and to Bro Stephen Stock on his well deserved promotion. W:. Holton's family is home again!! His son Ethan is progressing well on the road to recovery from compli- cations he suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and no longer has to stay at the hospital!!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Quinten Family as Bro Chandler Quinten grandmother passed away today and to the Van Bost family as W:. Dave Van Bost mother's battle with cancer continues.

Brethren please know that we want to hear from you, whether that be in lodge, or by phone, text, or email. You are a part of this fraternity and we want to know what is going on in your life good or bad. We want to share in your triumphs and help ease your burdens but we can't if you don't communicate them to us.

Yours in the Craft,
W:. Stephan Saraidarian