Masters Message June 2017

Hello Brothers,

The communication this month was a high point for me. I have now had six meetings where I have sat in the East as Master of Jenks Lodge. This one had one of my favorite speakers David Brody speaking about his new book Echoes of Atlantis. Atlantis was something I read exten- sively about throughout my youth and Mr. Brody's fascinating presentation was something I personally enjoyed very much. Given how many brothers I saw crowded around his table downstairs afterwards I would bet I was not the only one who found it interesting and enjoyable sub- ject matter that was excellently given by David.

We also took the first step in making long overdue additions and deletions to our By-Laws. They were read in open lodge during the regular May communication. Everyone will be mailed a copy of the new By-Laws for review. We will also post them on private social media sites, on the private section of our own website, and will email them to all known email addresses. If you do not get a copy or know of a brother that didn't get a copy please email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject By-Law review and I will personally email you a copy. The next step will be to have an open discussion about the bylaws at the regular communication in June on the 26th. This discussion will be to go over any questions before having a vote of yes or no as to whether to approve them. If approved they will go to Grand Lodge for final approval at which time Grand Lodge may also require us to implement some additions or deletions. Then at the end of that process they will take effect as the new By-Laws of the lodge.

On June 24th, assuming Grand Lodge gives the dispensation we have requested, we will run the FC degree on our candidates at Ancient York Lodge#89 at 4pm in Nashua NH. Many of us, myself included, will be staying at a hotel in the area Friday and Saturday night. If you would like info on the hotel please feel free to email me. Ancient York has a wine tasting set up for our ladies if any wish to go. It is estimated to be $12 per person for the wine tasting and the dinner for after the degree is estimated to be $25 per person. If you plan on going to the wine tasting or the dinner you must notify me so I can give a proper head count to our brothers at Ancient York Lodge

Before the opening of last nights meeting I noticed Brother JD Stephen Stock had a medal in his hand. He showed it to me and explained he was awarded it for distinguished service in Chapter. Only one such medal gets awarded per year, per district by the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and it was awarded to Bro Stock for his outstanding service to Chapter. After congratulating him it once again served as a re- minder to me of how much the officers of Jenks Lodge dedicate their time and effort to do what must be done for the betterment of the craft and the lodge. Many of them have other commitments that can make fitting in time for lodge overwhelming. In my opinion and as a matter of lodge policy for as long as I am the Worshipful Master, family and work life must always take precedence over the Craft. Knowing that truth, I am forever thankful for all the hard work that everyone puts into every opening, closing, degree work, secretarial work, treasurer work, web- site work, committee work, and everything in between like staying to clean up after an event. As I said in February, then again in March and as I will continue to say all year, it is vital that we recognize what the officers and members of lodge are doing for us. They volunteer their “spare time” (as if any time is truly “spare”) and they use it to accomplish difficult hard work that benefits them personally little but benefits the lodge very much. If we denigrate our brothers faults instead of helping them overcome them, if we don't acknowledge their successes and encour- age their growth, then we have failed them as a lodge. To quote one of my favorite books The Art of War by Sun Tzu “Even the finest sword plunged into salt water will eventually rust.”.

Yours in the Craft,
W:. Stephan Saraidarian