Masters Message October 2017

Master’s Message

Hello Brothers,

First and foremost I want to congratulate our newly raised Master Masons Mitchell Thomas and Fredrick E. Wilmont Jr.!! Rick and Mitch worked extremely hard and earned the honor of being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. We are all looking forward to hear- ing you perform the MM proficiency in lodge. When you sign the bylaws and become full voting members of Jenks Lodge you are not just se- curing a place for yourself in RI Freemasonry. You are also helping to secure a bright future for our lodge as I know your contributions in the future are guaranteed to have a positive impact in our gentle craft.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate the officers of Jenks Lodge and all the brothers that volunteered to put on one of the most meaningful and inspirational Master Mason degrees. It is humbling to be the Worshipful Master of this lodge and see such phenomenal dedication from our members. The members of our lodge continue to honor each other, themselves, and our Craft in thought and action. You guys are amazing and continue to raise the expectation of what to expect from a Jenks Lodge Mason with everything you do. I honestly cannot express enough how proud and grateful I am to be a member of this lodge.

The CPR training event the lodge held on Sept 16th was very well attended with 25 people in total, including brothers, wives, commu- nity members and some of our members children. The classes taught us not only how to help save a life but how much of an impact having someone do CPR or apply an AED device can improve the chances of someone living. The Talmud tells us that he who saves a life saves the whole world. In my opinion every member of society should learn CPR. My hope is that this event becomes a recurring tradition at our lodge.

On 10/21/17 we will have a special communication for the 2nd Annual Eldon Goldenberg Masonic Symposium. We are bringing in Worshipful Brother Patrick Craddock who is the owner and operator of the Craftsmans Apron. He will give a presentation on masonic regalia and its history in the craft. His company, The Craftsmans Apron, has also partnered with Jenks lodge in celebration of our 150th and the
2nd Annual Eldon Goldenberg Masonic Symposium to offer gold versions of the new officer collars for well below the cost of manufacturing as a nice keepsake of these historic events. He only has about 20 or so collars available and the regular retail of $250 each will be slashed down to $70 each (cash only due to the steep discount) on the night of the Symposium.

On 10/23/17 we will be presenting 25yr pins to those members who have achieved this monumental feat and didn't receive a pin. If you or a member of Jenks you know has achieved 25yrs or more in the craft and never received a 25yr pin please feel free to contact me so we can make preparations to have a pin for them. You can reach me via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please make the subject “25 year pin”.

We have run the last degree of the year with me as Master. I have to say it is bitter sweet. This is quite the tale we have woven so far this year. To quote Brother George Washington “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most envia- ble of all titles, the character of an honest man.”. Before you know it my chapter will have ended and Brother Senior Warden Jason Rainone's will have begun. The thing I can promise you brothers, is that this lodge is in good hands for years to come.

Yours in the Craft,

WM Stephan Saraidarian